Usually when I find out a new beauty product has just come out on the market, I’ve joined the queue of the many who are looking forward to give it a try. When the Clinique Chubby Sticks were introduced on the Clinique website, I was intrigued as to how they worked, it just made the whole makeup routine seem so seamless.

The way the Clinique Chubby Sticks work, is that they are made to make makeup fun and easy. You use the chubby sticks to literally doodle all over your face, and blend in as necessary.

Now I’ll be honest, I’ve tried the chubby sticks before, but these are purely the lip products, which were pure just lipsticks. However Clinique decided to expand their chubby stick range by dabbling into foundation, highlight and contour chubby sticks.  View Post

Benefit have been known as a brand that has helped keep our brows in check for years now. They’ve been known for their brow bars and for giving us all a personalised “brow DNA“. So it’s no surprise really that Benefit have introduce a brand new range for all us of who want to maintain those preened and polished brows.

The Benefit Brow range has proved ever popular that many of the products within the range have already bee named as award winning products.

I for one am someone who has always struggled with creating those perfectly arched brows that many people find so effortless. I decided it was time to try out the one brand that everyone was raving about when it came to brow maintenance, and gave the Benefit Brow range a try.

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It’s rare that Makeup Revolution doesn’t feature within my makeup collection. Every time there’s a new release of makeup by the brand, I’m generally right by their stand in Superdrugs wanting to get my paws on their new products.

This product, however, has been around for almost a year now and has not ceased to amaze me on not only it’s quality, but it’s sheer precision to actually do the job.

As I’ve mentioned in many posts previously, Makeup Revolution is THE brand for dupes, with their own twist on products. Thus, making it not only affordable for us all to get our hands on the latest trending must haves, but also easy to recreate makeup looks effortlessly.

We’re all fully aware of the greatness that is the Ben Nye Banana Powder, the queen of reality TV herself, Kim K, has raged about this powder endlessly. It has not become the mattifying powder that is a must have if you want to achieve perfectly set makeup. However, setting you back sometimes even £30 for a small jar of the powder, it isn’t the easiest product to get your hands on.

This is where Makeup Revolution saunter in.

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