Blossoming Gifts

I love autumn. I love the array of reds and oranges on the ground, and needing to layer up when going outside to brace the cold. Autumn is a time when the pumpkin spiced latte’s, and the spiced orange candles come out. Most of homes will have that autumn feel to it. Nothing portrays autumn more to me than filling my home with beautiful orange colours.

When we think of flowers, we always have this perception that these are perfect for those summer months. Flowers nowadays can be made to wash against any season. In fact, lilies and roses look even more beautiful when they are in Autumn colours. Autumn is a great time to gift beautiful flowers and plants to help add that seasonal feel to homes.

Blossoming gifts* are an up and coming independent florist who alongside a small team of talented florists put together beautiful floral gifts, such as bouquets and plants. By opting to deliver 7 days a week, throughout the UK, Blossoming Gifts not only make it convenient, but it’s also at an affordable and great price.

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gym clothes wish list

Going to the gym and keeping fit is something that is so important to me. However, keeping motivated cannot always be easy. I’ve always found that buying new gym clothes helps keep that motivation going, as it gives you just that extra reason to get yourself working out.

There are so many high street stores that have started bringing out there own lines of affordable gym wear. Gone are the days that I head just to Primark to go and buy  my gym wardrobe. The likes of H&M, New Look and even Zara have all bought out there own gym clothes line.

Here’s a great little gym clothes wishlist to help keep you motivated in the run up to Christmas. After all, there are only about 10 weeks until Christmas!

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My hair has always been a part of me that I pride myself in keeping in great condition, growing up, having long hair has always been something I have wanted. Now that I finally have long hair, I now face the problem of deciding on how to style it on a daily basis. I can either keep it down – but then do I want it straight or curly. Or I could tie it up – but how do you choose? Bun, ponytail, braid?

Having the right tools to style your hair can also require thought. What’s the point in spending time styling your hair if it’s just going to come apart after half an hour, or on the other hand, it’s just not comfortable to wear. Sometimes you just want to grab a hair tie and put your hair up, keeping it out of the way. I’ve experienced on more than one occasion when I’ve wanted to put my all in when I’m in a spin class and my hair bun just doesn’t stay up!

I recently tried the Linziclip* hair accessory, which uses a claw type clip to securely hold together hairstyle for when you need that extra grip. The Linziclip boasts to suit all hair types – from thin hair to thicker styles, which is a bold statement in itself. Having thick hair, the problem I face when I use claw clips is actually getting the claw fully around my hair, whereas, I can imagine with thinner hair, it’s whether the claw grips tight enough.
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