We’ve seen all the social media posts as soon as it was New Years day, with many of our friends and families making their New Years resolutions. There’s generally always one resounding resolution that’s made, and that’s the New Year, New Me hope. For those of you that are looking to lead a much healthier life,  there are many simple ways that can help you fulfil this.

I have, in the past, suggested a number of effective ways to leading a healthier life, which in turn can help you feel like a new person. But with trends becoming ever changing, there are so many new suggestions that are being made to help make leading that type of lifestyle much easier.  View Post

I love a good face mask. Nothing beats a lazy Sunday afternoon pamper session, with face masks, body scrubs and nail polish. Although I have always raved about the Lush Face Masks, there are so many other brands out there that offer a wide range of masks, for a fraction of the price.

I discovered 7th Heaven Face Masks whilst at a blog event, and was amazed at the number of scents they had within their range. 7th Heaven’s product range doesn’t jut focus on face masks, but also masks for the body, hair and feet, so it’s really a full package product that 7th Heaven can offer.

Much like the Lush Face Masks, 7th Heaven masks are blended together by herbalists, using only natural products, so they are great for those who have skin concerns or sensitive skin. So really, all it comes down to is the scent and ingredients you want to use. View Post

There are so many bizarre trends out there at the moment for our beauty routines – from vampire facials, to sauna hot pants (yes that really is a thing), but there can also be those simple products that promise things we are likely to all have dreamt of. I’m sure we’ve all been unhappy with our teeth at some point. Going through the supermarkets and drug stores for anything and everything that promises to transform them into pearly whites, but would you have ever thought of trying out gold toothpaste?

Beverly Hills Formula* have created an innovative toothpaste which is quite suitably named as Perfect White Gold toothpaste. The formula is made up on actual gold particles, which can offer teeth whitening results as a fraction of the price of more advanced treatments.  View Post