Makeup Myths

Makeup is something that defines many of us. It helps create our own looks on our blank canvases. Many people who I talk to love creating new statements through their makeup, and many also prefer to have a natural dewy finish to their look.

Over the years we’ve probably had tales communicated to us about how makeup affects this, ruins that and causes something else. But how much of it is really true? Maybe it was just our parents or peers trying to put us off what they deem as bad habits.

Some say that using a certain technique with your makeup and tools can affect the way it sits on your skin, can improve the quality of your makeup or even saying that you only need to clean your makeup applicators if someone else has used them!

Time after time, I have found many of those makeup stories to not be true, with many of us not daring to diverge against what we’ve been told, it’s time to bust some of those myths. Let us enjoy applying makeup all over again, in an almost, carefree way. View Post

Constance belle Mare plage

Mauritius is somewhere I have always wanted to go to. It’s just known as pure paradise – white sands and the clear blue sea. Mauritius, however, is somewhere that is generally reserved for a very special occasion – wedding anniversary milestones, honeymoons or big birthday’s. For that very reason, Mauritius was a very obvious and set location for our honeymoon.

Mauritius itself is known for it’s luxury hotels and beautiful clear backdrops. It’s somewhere you can go pretty much all year round as you are generally guaranteed beautiful sunny weather when you visit.

Depending on what part of the island you are looking to visit, there’s always going to be a setting of crystal seas against the beach.

For example, the northern part of the island is most developed, and therefore you will find this area to be quite touristy. If you’re someone who is looking for pure peace this probably isn’t the best area for you. So do make sure you do your research beforehand.

The east is a lot quieter, so if you’re looking for somewhere more secluded this area is for you. There isn’t much to do in terms of nightlife, but you wouldn’t really be visiting the east if this is what you are looking for. View Post

Googly Gifts Cake Toppers

Apologies for the blog disappearance, as some of you may know I just got married!! 2 years of planning finally came together! I’ve also been away on my honeymoon to the paradise that is known as Mauritius! Now that the wedding is over, however, I can finally share with you all the little details that helped make the day perfect.

First up, is the wedding cake topper, which I purchased directly from Googly Gifts Cake Toppers.

For Asian weddings, or more so, Asian wedding receptions, the wedding cake is usually a showstopper cake. Some can even go up to around 7 tiers – which is huge! We actually decided on, and put down the deposit, for our cake about 8 months before the wedding, and from that day I knew the exact cake topper I wanted. Our cake was a 5 tier cake, purchased from Asian Wedding Cakes, which we chose and designed together. View Post