Vatika Black Seed Hair Mask

Whenever I think of the brand Vatika, I think of my childhood. Now that might be a weird thing to say about a hair-care brand, but it’s true. I remember my mum always used to put Vatika products on my hair at least once a week. As a result my hair, when I was younger, was always in great condition. Shiny, long, thick and manageable – just what we all want our hair to be like nowadays.

Usually a product you would see in Asian supermarkets, Vatika have now popped up in Tesco, Superdrug, Asda and Amazon, as they proving to be ever popular for those who are opting for a natural hair-care range.

The Vatika products focus primarily on the full package for hair-care, not just how your hair physically looks. As the saying goes, it’s how you feel that matters, so Vatika use just that as something to achieve. By using natural ingredients within their products, Vatika can really focus on nourishing your hair, and extracting everything your hair needs to feel and look healthy.

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Push yourself harder

Working out is something that has now become a set part of my life, and is now routine for me. Even if you’re having those lazy days where you just cannot find the motivation to work out, there are so many ways that you can just push yourself harder.

Working out should start to become a habit, rather than a chore. And as difficult as it may seem to get yourself to the gym at first, it does get so much easier – I promise! Once you start to notice the difference, and changes both physically and mentally, it’ll start to become the norm. Slowly it will also start to become a priority as the feeling just becomes one that you don’t want out miss out on.

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Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Ro’s Argan Conditioner from Lush is truly something that everyone needs to add to their Lush basket, next time you pop in. It’s something that you really need within your bathroom.

The Argan body conditioner is used all over wet skin, massaging gently in circle like motions, and rinsed off. Think of it as hair conditioner but for your skin. You wouldn’t wash your hair without using conditioner – right? So why have it as an option to not have this gorgeous conditioner in your possession? View Post