There’s a bit of a theme going on this month on the blog. It’s all about self care. Really looking after yourself and your body to rejuvenate and make you feel tip top. I’ve been testing out a number of different brands in January, looking to see not only what the hype is about with many high end luxury products, but also to discover new ways to treat my skin.

Most of us know that Laura Mercier is a leading luxury makeup brand, I mean, how amazing is their secret concealer? It has worked wonders on making me look awake and ready to tackle a long day at work. What I, and maybe many others didn’t know, was that the brand actually has it’s own skin care line which is made to make you feel oh-so special.

I picked up the almond coconut milk gift set collection over Christmas as I had never known that the brand had a skin care line, and let’s face it, if their makeup was THAT good, their skin care must be too, right? Although, admittedly, always the marketing departments dream customer, it was the packaging of the collection that ultimately convinced me to buy it.

Packaged beautifully in a glossy, dark leopard print box, the products sat amongst an aptly wooden honey dipper. Well it is an almond/coconut/honey collection after all. Oh, Laura Mercier, how I love you already.

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I like a good pampering session. Picture this on a Sunday evening – a glass of Merlot, a beautifully scented candle throwing fragrance in the background, a good ol’ face mask and just some me time.

It always seems as though January is the time for reflection, with many of us either recycling our new years resolutions, or promising a better year than the one that has just passed. How many of us actually spend time reflecting on how busy our lives currently are, and how we have such little time to ourselves?

Wanting to add to my collection of pamper essentials, Clarins is one of those brands that scream luxury and high end to me. For me, it hasn’t been a brand that I would purchase regularly, purely because I have been keeping myself on a budget, but it’s also not products that I have previously used before – opting for the more high street brands, such as Lush.

On the other hand, I have heard a lot of great things about Clarins , and tend to be drawn to their counter when in a department store. The crisp white packaging of their products, with the recognisable red text against it has something of a drawing feature to them, as it represents Clarins perfectly – classic formulas to their products, and making no promises that they cannot keep. Clarins keep it simple so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

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We’re all scrambling around to look for that perfect gift this Christmas. A lot of the time our go to places have similar presents in their range year on year. I’ve certainly struggled to find presents this year. Believe it or not, I have barely even started my Christmas shopping this year.

I love trying out new brands that aren’t your typical gift sets that you can get in John Lewis or Boots – for example. When Apple & Bears contacted me to try out one of their luxury gift sets, along with a chance to for one of my readers to win a luxury gift set, I was excited to try out a new brand.

Apple & Bears focus on natural and organic beauty products, which is growing to be ever popular nowadays. Most of us are looking for products that are kind to our skin, with more of us becoming conscious about the products that we are using. View Post