Going to the gym, can be seen as a chore for some people. For others, it may seem like a seasonal thing – wanting to achieve that perfect summer body, and then finding that your gym membership is unused during the winter months. I’ve always been asked the question as to how I can stay motivated to get my backside down to the gym. In all honesty, some days, the thought of making myself go to the gym, it does feel like a chore to me.

I tend to go to the gym just before work, setting my alarm at around 5.15am (early I know) and getting a workout in, whilst sleepily trudging up the gym stairs. However, I know that if I didn’t do this, I’d never end up going – I just get way too busy at work, and when I get home I just want to relax. However, it’s actually going to the gym, getting a workout in and feeling great that really motivates me to go to the gym. View Post

Earlier darker nights and this cold weather seem to really take it out of someone, especially when you’ve just returned home from a long day at work. There are so many ways we can relax after a long day, an when you’re feeling run down, there’s nothing more you want than some good ol’ TLC.

Westlab’s product range incorporates premium mineral salts to naturally help you pamper your body, and learn to unwind. I recently came across Westlab Epsom Salt as I was looking for something that would help relieve my muscles after a gym session. With a huge 4kg bag of Epsom Salt retailing at £4.99, it’s an affordable, natural and potentially effective way of calming sore muscles. View Post

For the past few months I’ve had trouble getting a god night’s sleep, and it’s something that I have tried so many different ways to try and combat. But nothing seems to be doing the trick, effectively. I’ve been trying to pin point exactly why this has been the case, but haven’t been able to. I’ve thought that it may all be down to me starting a new challenging job, however, with so many new ideas buzzing around my head, it doesn’t seem like putting a stop to whatever it is, is going to happen soon.

I’ve always heard a lot of great things about the brand “this works“, founded over 10 years ago by the former beauty Director of Vogue UK, Kathy Phillips, she went our of her way to create products for everyday life.  Kathy has an immense background in not only beauty, but yoga, being able to see the link between modern life and the struggles, but also needing to keep a balanced and healthy mind. View Post