As many of you know, I spent most of 2015 and 2016 planning my Summer 2016 wedding. I have shared a number of tips, along with how my wedding planning journey went, and believe me, there were a number of ups and downs! Nailing the perfect cake for our wedding was something that was top priority on my list, as who can deny a great showstopping cake? Once I had chosen the perfect cake, I wanted to get our very personalised wedding cake toppers, which I purchased from googly gifts.

But onto the wedding cake, I chose industry leader Asian Wedding Cakes for the perfect cake. Now although you may think, from the name, that they only cater for Asian weddings, they have now branched out to cater for all faiths.

It wasn’t really a difficult decision to chose Asian Wedding Cakes, I wanted a cake supplier who could create those showstopping cakes you see on The Great British Bake Off, and just something that would make everyone go wow, as a centrepiece to the wedding. But I also wanted a wedding cake supplier who didn’t come with the extortionate price tag – I needed to be realistic however, as I was catering for 350 people. View Post

Googly Gifts Cake Toppers

Apologies for the blog disappearance, as some of you may know I just got married!! 2 years of planning finally came together! I’ve also been away on my honeymoon to the paradise that is known as Mauritius! Now that the wedding is over, however, I can finally share with you all the little details that helped make the day perfect.

First up, is the wedding cake topper, which I purchased directly from Googly Gifts Cake Toppers.

For Asian weddings, or more so, Asian wedding receptions, the wedding cake is usually a showstopper cake. Some can even go up to around 7 tiers – which is huge! We actually decided on, and put down the deposit, for our cake about 8 months before the wedding, and from that day I knew the exact cake topper I wanted. Our cake was a 5 tier cake, purchased from Asian Wedding Cakes, which we chose and designed together. View Post

Top tips for brides

I literally cannot believe that I am getting married in just over 4 weeks. It seems as though time has just passed so quickly since I first started planning. But obviously the nerves have really started kicking in, and it’s only just hit me that I’m getting married soon.

Over the past few months I’ve been searching the internet for tips for brides so that I am fully prepared for what I need over the next month. The last thing I want, is to be under-prepared. Everything just needs to perfect for our big day.

If you’re in the same position as I am, or just wanting to dabble in a few tips for brides, look no further.

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