Oh blogging, how I have missed you. Missed being part of the community, missed having my own little piece of the internet, and missed just this. Blogging has been a part of my life now for almost three years now, and I’ve got to say, I’ve loved every minute of it. Recently, however, my life took a huge turn and it meant that a lot of the things I once loved, needed to take a huge jump to the backseat of my priorities. Now, however, I’m slowly building everything back up to how things almost were. The situation itself has really made me question whether materialistic items are really worth  it? View Post

Going to the gym, can be seen as a chore for some people. For others, it may seem like a seasonal thing – wanting to achieve that perfect summer body, and then finding that your gym membership is unused during the winter months. I’ve always been asked the question as to how I can stay motivated to get my backside down to the gym. In all honesty, some days, the thought of making myself go to the gym, it does feel like a chore to me.

I tend to go to the gym just before work, setting my alarm at around 5.15am (early I know) and getting a workout in, whilst sleepily trudging up the gym stairs. However, I know that if I didn’t do this, I’d never end up going – I just get way too busy at work, and when I get home I just want to relax. However, it’s actually going to the gym, getting a workout in and feeling great that really motivates me to go to the gym. View Post

As you know, over the recent bank holiday weekend, my husband and I made our way to the beautiful city of Budapest. Beforehand I had spent literally months planning most of the details to our trip. It was the first holiday we weren’t on a resort, and this was really just a travel and explore mini break for us. So, as you would, I headed to Expedia to find recommendations for things to do in Budapest.

Honestly, I found so much on there, that it was initially difficult to break it down slightly, especially as we were spending along weekend in Budapest. A long weekend is more than enough time to explore this beautiful city, and it really depends on what you want to get out of your trip to break down what you do.

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