When you think of the Jo Malone brand, you think high end. British. Bespoke. Luxury. Over priced, perhaps? That’s what I had always thought of Jo Malone products, when I would trawl through their website lusting over their candles, room sprays and colognes.

Having a Jo Malone scent for myself was something that I really wanted; I had heard so much about the scents and the longevity of their lasting power. Having recently read man positive reviews about the Jo Malone Colognes, I finally thought it was about time to see what everyone was raving about by purchasing two Jo Malone Colognes.

Jo Malone products are known for their statement and recognisable packaging. The products are sleek, and to the point, creating simply, a statement product for your home and dresser. Each product oozes sophistication, and it’s surprising how well a Jo Malone product can be recognised even from a distance. They stand out that much, and are that well known. View Post

Hidden in the heart of Holborn is a restaurant that will be one of your biggest regrets if you do not visit. I was invited to go visit the Cigala Restaurant* last Friday night for an intimate 3 course authentic Spanish meal. I’ve only had Spanish food a handful of times, but every time I’ve opted for Spanish cuisine I’ve never been disappointed, so I had high expectations for Cigala Restaurant.

Cigala Restaurant is known to many as a favourite for professionals and those who want a low key dinner – don’t be put off however, as the restaurant opens it’s doors to everyone. Not only are the staff within the restaurant highly attentive but they are extremely welcoming.

As soon as we entered the restaurant we were greeted by the owner and chef Jake, who is actually one of the co-founders of Moro. Be assured, this wasn’t just because we were invited to the restaurant, but on looking round the restaurant, I found that Jake was making his way around the tables and greeting all his guests – it almost seemed as though he knew each one. It’s things like this that, I feel, really make a restaurant special – it’s the attention to your guests that make it personable.  View Post

I love changing up the shampoos and conditioners I use on my hair, over the past few years there have been so many new shampoos and conditioners that I have tried and tested. I’ve always wanted my hair to be sleek, shiny and frizz-free. This has been ever more important to me as since I was 16 I’ve always experimented with my hair colour. Even now, my regular trips to my hairdresser and making my hair slightly lighter than it was before I went in, can leave my hair feel a little bit down.

I’ve been trying out the new Herbal Essences range for a few weeks now, and can honestly say that I have fallen back in love with Herbal Essences. I was always a huge fa of their products when I was younger, and loved trying out all the different scents they had. Not only was Herbal Essences affordable, but it did the job in an effective way, leaving my hair feeling clean, soft and smelling great.

I then went on to broaden the products that I was using, dabbling around trying different brands, to see what they had to offer in my never ending hair transformation. It was only recently when I discovered a new range from Herbal Essences that I decided to give my trusted brand another chance, and see if their haircare products were as great as they had always been. View Post