What motivates me to go to the gym

Going to the gym, can be seen as a chore for some people. For others, it may seem like a seasonal thing – wanting to achieve that perfect summer body, and then finding that your gym membership is unused during the winter months. I’ve always been asked the question as to how I can stay motivated to get my backside down to the gym. In all honesty, some days, the thought of making myself go to the gym, it does feel like a chore to me.

I tend to go to the gym just before work, setting my alarm at around 5.15am (early I know) and getting a workout in, whilst sleepily trudging up the gym stairs. However, I know that if I didn’t do this, I’d never end up going – I just get way too busy at work, and when I get home I just want to relax. However, it’s actually going to the gym, getting a workout in and feeling great that really motivates me to go to the gym.

I’ve, in the past, given many tips on getting yourself motivated to feeling great after a workout, from giving you an insight on what to take in your gym bag, and staying motivated to work out. What’s different here, is that I’m even guilty for skipping more than just a workout or two, and I’ve recently fell back in love with working out.

One of the main ways I’ve started looking forward to going to the gym again, is remembering why I started going in the first place. I remember, I was so scared to sign up for a membership, let alone actually setting foot in the gym. I used to stay in the women’s only section and just stick to one machine.

Eventually I started to become more and more confident, because I realised, no-one was actually focusing on what I was doing, they were focusing on themselves.

When I got it into my head that I’m here at the gym, lie everyone else, to improve how I feel about myself, and to look fitter and leaner, I started enjoying going – and branching out more. The more I became confident with using different pieces of equipment, the more I physically saw my body changing, and mentally started feeling great. Remembering how it felt to be that comfortable in my skin made me want to go to the gym a lot more.

I also restarted the mini-challenges I used to take part in when I first started going to the gym. You must have seen the squat challenge, or sit up challenge all over Pinterest. It’s basically a set number of squats, for example, over 30 days, slowly increasing day by day. Challenges like this really helped me see how I was progressing as I was going to the gym more and more. I found that my fitness was improving, and I was able to complete each day easier than the previous day.

I know some people might think it’s gimmicky to do these mini challenges, but I’ve honestly found that they are effective, and a great form of not only cardio but toning exercises. They’re also easy to do at home, if you feel more comfortable doing these in your room – rather than a gym floor.

Changing my diet up slightly has really reinforced my goals and helped me stay on the right track. I’m not saying that I was on a diet, I mean eating healthy as and when I can, controlling my portions, not eating out as often, but allowing myself a cheat meal every so often. I found I was questioning some of my food choices when I was making myself get up at 5am to get to the gym.

There are so many little things you can change, which can help you motivate yourself to get to the gym and stay on track. How do you keep yourself on track?

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