As you know, over the recent bank holiday weekend, my husband and I made our way to the beautiful city of Budapest. Beforehand I had spent literally months planning most of the details to our trip. It was the first holiday we weren’t on a resort, and this was really just a travel and explore mini break for us. So, as you would, I headed to Expedia to find recommendations for things to do in Budapest.

Honestly, I found so much on there, that it was initially difficult to break it down slightly, especially as we were spending along weekend in Budapest. A long weekend is more than enough time to explore this beautiful city, and it really depends on what you want to get out of your trip to break down what you do.

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Over the bank holiday weekend, the hubby and I decided to spend our long weekend in the beautiful city of Budapest. It’s somewhere we have wanted to visit in such a long time – I had heard amazing things about Budapest, and spent hours researching what to do in Budapest, that I was so ready for this mini break.

It was our first holiday of 2017, well first of many, as we have a few planned, and we really wanted to make this mini break a bit touristy. It’s not often that we plan holiday’s in this way, this was the first in fact. When we honeymooned in Mauritius, holidayed in Egypt and tanned in Morocco, it was always on an all inclusive resort, so we would spend all of our time on the resort rather than travelling.  View Post

Travel Bucket List

Travelling the world is something that I have known I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. It has always been a dream of mine to visit different countries and embrace their culture. Whenever I do go on holiday, I always do try and go on excursions that illustrate the culture of the country that I am in. For example, whilst in Marrakech, I embarked on a 4×4 Atlas mountains ride, and stopped up at a Berbers village to see how they lived, and tried their local delicacies.

For a 25 year old, I’ve travelled a fair amount across the globe, from Egypt, Paris, Switzerland, Span, Mauritius, Florida, Dubai and Morocco. With each holiday I’ve taken back with me treasured memories, and a sense of wanting to see more.

Now that I have a stable career, and am now married, travelling to all the places I’ve wanted to visit for what seems like forever, it something that has become a top priority for me. However, unfortunately, sometimes I do need to step back into reality, as saving them money for these trips isn’t ever easy. For now though, I can always note down my travel bucket list, and cross them off one by one. View Post