Oh blogging, how I have missed you. Missed being part of the community, missed having my own little piece of the internet, and missed just this. Blogging has been a part of my life now for almost three years now, and I’ve got to say, I’ve loved every minute of it. Recently, however, my life took a huge turn and it meant that a lot of the things I once loved, needed to take a huge jump to the backseat of my priorities. Now, however, I’m slowly building everything back up to how things almost were. The situation itself has really made me question whether materialistic items are really worth  it? View Post

Christmas Hacks

Christmas has come round so quickly this year. I cannot believe it’s almost the end of 2016, and we’re all needing to get ready for the start of a new year. Now with Christmas, it can be seen as many things. It can be seen as a great time to have the family over and really have some precious family bonding time, or it can be seen as a stressful time needing to keep everyone happy. Having recently planned a wedding, I know how both overwhelming both can be.

What we really need, are some Christmas hacks to help us either save a little more, spend less time preparing, and to overall make Christmas a holiday that can be spent on the important moments. There’s nothing worse than needing to slave over a stove during Christmas, and for the time to just fly by without really cherishing it. It’s a perfect holiday to have off, and it isn’t something that we should just allow to go by. View Post

Prestige Flowers

Do you ever just get bored of using the same old flower delivery service? Sometimes we feel like we don’t have a choice when it comes to getting these delivered. Most of the time the flowers we do get delivered just aren’t of the quality that they should be. I recall on one too many occasions flowers being delivered from big names, wilting after just a few days.

That’s where a Company like Prestige Flowers* comes in. Sure, many of us may not have heard of Prestige Flowers before, especially when comparing it to the likes or Interflora or Serenata. However, Prestige Flowers can deliver beautiful bouquets, at a fraction of the price, intricately hand tied by British Florists.

Having been voted the number 1 flower delivery Company on Review Center and also Review Florist’s Editor’s Choice 2014, Prestige Flowers are perfect if you want to have a vast choice of bright and vivid bouquets, within their next day flowers selection.   View Post